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Some software packages, such as Windows, have built-in accessibilty options which can help people with sight impairments to use their computer more easily. There is also a wide range of software packages available specifically designed to make computers more accessible, some are free of charge and others vary in price. The main types of accessibility software are magnification, speech or a combination of both software packages.

Magnifaction software can magnify either the whole screen or sections of the screen, usually around the mouse cursor. The level of magnification, font and background colours can usually be adapted to suit the user depending on their level of vision. Speech software uses a synthesised voice to read what is on the screen and combined magnification and speech software packages integrates elements from both magnification and speech packages.

Accessibility software packages can be expensive and it can be difficult to decide on which software is right for you. Our Assistive Technology Workers can give you free advice before purchasing a package to make sure that it is suited to your needs and, if you have a computer, that it will be compatible. We also provide free training on different types of accessibility software and we're able to offer equipment and software on loan, so you can try it out at home for a few weeks.

Click here to contact your nearest Assistive Technology Worker.

We have listed some of the accessibility software packages that are available below; to find out more about each package, click on the name of the software you are interested in.

Magnification software

Speech software

Combined speech and magnification software



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