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Kent Association for the Blind

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Computer keyboard with large print stickers on each keyMost people with sight impairments have difficulty seeing the text on a computer screen and everyone has different needs when it comes to accessing their computer. Computer software packages usually have built-in accessibility options which allow you to magnify or change the appearance of the text, screen and mouse to make it easier to see and some have narrator options which reads text and commands to the user.

Keyboards can also be adapted in the following ways to make it easier for sight impaired people to type and input information into their computer:  

  • Large print, high contrast stickers, such as black on yellow or white on black can be used to replace existing letters on the keyboard to make them more visible.
  • Large print keyboards are also available and are the same size as standard keyboards just with larger print of each key available with black letters on a white or yellow background, or white letters with a black background.
  • Large keyboards can be purchased in alphabetical or QWERTY styles. These have buttons around twice the size of a standard keyboard so these are not recommended if you plan to learn to touch-type.
  • The key letters for touch typists are J and F; these keys have a ridge allowing them to be identified by touch instead of by sight.


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